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This post is categorized as a “What is it?” post. The goal of these posts is to help demystify widgets and whatsits that I find around the house and have to employ maximum Google-fu (Google kung-fu) to identify. Just as some believe that knowing a person’s true name will give them power over that person, knowing that annoying broken part’s name will give you the power over it and help you find a replacement.

Therefore, without further ado, meet what I like to call the “Lamp Socket Ring”

Lamp Socket Ring

Lamp Socket Ring

Part Description

The lamp socket ring is found on lamps and light fixtures to hold shades, domes, globes or bells in place. Can be made from plastic, ceramic or metal. Is found in different colors but usually white, off white, black and dark brown. Medium socket rings would usually be found holding full size light bulbs while smaller ones will be used in lamps with candle bulbs.

Part Images

Lamp Shade Ring (White)

Lamp Shade Ring (White)


Bathroom Light Fixture Parts

Bathroom Light Fixture Parts

Other Names

  • Twist and Lock Socket Replacement Ring
  • Lamp Socket Ring
  • White die cast ring for threaded medium base socket
  • Phenolic Ring (for Threaded Candelabra Base E12 Sockets)
  • Lamp die cast metal ring
  • Shade Ring
  • Lamp Shade Ring Adapter

You might be looking for

The thing that holds the globe on the light fixture

The part on the ceiling fan that holds on the glass bell

Piece that keeps glass lamp globe on

Part that holds globe on lamp

Globe holder

Lamp holder

Shade holder

This part is found on

  • Light Fixtures
  • Closet Light Fixtures
  • Sconces
  • Lamps
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Candelabras
  • Light Sockets
  • Lamp Sockets
  • Bulb Sockets

Part Numbers

  • LHR9001
  • PLT D547
  • Satco 80-1389 – 801389
  • Satco 80-1977 – 801977
  • Westinghouse 7000100

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6 thoughts on “What is a Lamp Socket Ring?


    I need 6 lamp socket rings for a light fixture with glass bell-shaped globes. It measures 2 1/8″ at the widest part of the outer rim and
    1 1/2″ wide in the opening where the bulb screws in. Do you have these in stock? They look exactly like the one you have pictured explaining what a lamp socket ring is!


    1. What do you call the part that receives the socket ring ( The part to which you screw the socket ring when the socket is not threaded and how do you attach the threaded part to the socket) ?

    2. What do you call the lamp socket that is split in two parts to allow you to screw the bottom part of the socket to the pipe of the floor lamp without twisting the electric wires that run inside the pipe?

    3. What do you call this kind of split socket when it is threaded on the outside to receive the socket ring?

    4. Can you provide a diagram to describe the assembly explained above?

    Your response is greatly appreciated..

  • Gavin

    How do you install one with a shade around it? I can’t get my hand in there and if I can somehow start screwing it on, the fixture twists underneath it? I’m about to smash the whole thing and buy new, at least I’ll get the gratification of smashing it