The word geek in this instance refers more to my enthusiasm for DIY than any association with things traditionally considered geeky (computers, video games, etc.). I do love all of those things, but I also love to do DIY repairs and construction around my house. My background is in telecommunications engineering and computer engineering. Both of these disciplines have taught me that with a good plan, solid research, and determination, anything can be accomplished as a series of distinct steps.

I am not a home improvement expert… yet. I always find myself running into unexpected issues, or steps while working on a project. For that reason, I want to make sure and discuss my thought process and reasoning as I work through the unexpected questions that come up in DIY projects.

There are many DIY resources available these days. I’m happy to be one more voice among those tackling their own home repairs or making home-made gifts. Its one of my preferred avenues for creative energy and I think anyone can benefit from Doing It Yourself a bit more, regardless of what it might be.

I find its very easy to find resources that summarize a repair or how to build a DIY project. However, those resources don’t always answer to my satisfaction why a particular option is recommended, or what to do when you run into an unexpected issue. I also always find myself wanting a few more pictures.

My goal with posts will be to include

  • Background on why I am undertaking a project
  • Detailed material and tool lists with pricing if available
  • Detailed plans, even if they don’t seem necessary
  • Useful information about what worked for me like terms I learned or parts I learned the name to
  • Unexpected issues I ran into along the way and what I did wrong

Hopefully if I include that information, you can find something useful to take away from these projects. Even if what you take away is a great cautionary tale.


By the way, if you are more of a traditional geek than a Home DIY Geek, you might want to check out my other site: ZeroDispersion.com. There you’ll find me doing and talking about things that I actually know a bit about, such as Telecommunication Industry trends, inside information on what it likes to run an Internet Service Provider, and personal projects that are related to IT and Networking topics.